CNC Axis 12
Max. Module 0.8 mm
Max. Cutting Length 50 mm
Max Part Diameter 36 mm

The Gear AF101 is an advanced Gear Hobbing Center that offers total automation The AF101 is designed on the base of the AF100 with a larger enclosure and protective guarding, which allows a high degree of automation with robot and additional operations such as the palletized part feed and management system, and integrated parts cleaning and/or measurement of the blank and finished cut parts.

High Productivity and Versatility

High productivity gain thanks to a decrease of idle time and very fast cutting speed :

Max. Speed Cutting Spindle: 16'000 rpm
Automatic Angle of Inclination: +/-30°

Simple and User Friendly

Equipped with the Affolter Leste CNC-control, it provides powerful processing and warranty, reduces cycle times and extremely fast interpolation. Its programming is simple and easy.

CNC Affolter type Leste 12
HMI, Touchscreen 12.1"
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Automation: Part Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading of blanks and finish cut parts by 6 axes robot.
Palletized feed system.
Vibratory bowl feeding system.
Adjustable gravity feed rail unit.
Belt conveyor with parts detection by vision.
Additional systems are available and will be considered upon customer request.
Optional Accessories

Sampling unit.
Cleaning Station.
Parts measuring station with automatic machine and process correction.
Stack Hob Cutting of gear wheels.
Additional options are available and will be considered upon customer request.

Technical characteristics

Max. part diameter 36 mm
Max. cutting length 50 mm
Max. rotation of headstock and tailstock 5'000 rpm
Min. module / DP 0.02 mm
Max. module / DP
(depending on material and number of cuts)
0.5 - 0.8 mm
Max. diameter of the hob cutter 24 mm
Max. width of the hob cutter 20 mm
Inclination of the cutting spindle (swivel angle) +/-30° automatic deg.
Max. rotation of the cutting spindle 16'000 rpm
Headstock travel (Z-axis, axial feed) 82 mm
Tailstock travel (Z’-axis, axial feed) 82 mm
In-feed travel (X-axis, radial feed) 74 mm
Shifting travel (Y-axis, tangential feed) 84 mm
Swivel Angle or inclination (A-axis) +/-30° automatic Deg.
Voltage 3x400/50 Hz
Installed power 7 KvA
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1469x1628x1847 mm
Net weight 1300 Kg


The Gear AF101 is designed for applications that require a high degree of automation.

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