Simalube: automatic single point lubricator

Sold millions of times and suitable for any single point lubricating task with grease or oil. The automatic lubricator simalube provides all possible kinds of lubricating points with lubricant. 24 hours, day in, day out.

Roller bearings which are not lubricated sufficiently or wrongly drop out long before they have reached their expected product life. simalube lubricators guarantee a consistent supply of lubricant in the pre-adjusted proportioning. Shutdown times are decreased and costs in comparison to time-consuming lubrication by hand are clearly reduced.

Within seconds simalube is fixed to the lubricating point. On commissioning, a gasproduction cell is activated which presses the lubricant on the lubrication point through the release of hydrogen gas. The lubricating amount can be steplessly adjusted by means of an Allen key.

Filled with oil, simalube is applied for the automatic lubrication of chains, open gears or guide rails for example.

For detailed info:
(PDF) Simalube

Technical information

The simalube lubricator is available with a content of 30ml, 60ml, 125ml and 250ml. The compact installation size of the simalube is ideal for limited space.


Product specification


 Automatic longterm grease and oil dispenser

Power generation
 hydrogen gas producing drycells
Working pressure
 max. 5 bar
 stepless 1-12 month
Dispensing quantity
 0.08 - 8.3 ml/day
Operating temperature
from -20C to + 55C

Grease dispenser can be installed in any position, even under water. Attention: do not expose to direct heat. 

Certifications / Approvals


II 1G Ex ia IIC T6

II 1D Ex iaD 20T 80C

I M1 Ex ia I

Ingress protection
 IP68  (dustproof and waterproof)
Usage period
 within 2 years of filling date
Stock temperature
 recommended at 20C +/- 5C
30 ml
60 ml
125 ml
250 ml
Weight full





Weight empty








Download Instruction for use (PDF, 760KB)


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