Simatool dismounting tools


Ball Bearing Puller BP 61


To remove grooved ball bearings efficiently from shafts and cases without dismounting the bearing. This ideal tool assortment is suitable for bearing sizes from 10 to 100 mm bore diameter.


  • 6 puller arm sets and 2 threaded spindles in a practical case
  • Puller arm with a joint in order to guarantee an optimal power transmission on the bearing
  • User-friendly because of the elastic retaining ring which keeps the puller arms in position
  • Puller arm made from quality steel


Fitting Tool FT 33


For careful mounting of roller bearings on shafts and cases. Universal use for bearings with a bore diameter from 10 to 50 mm. Easily carried in a handy case, including a recoil-free hammer.

  • 3 Impact sleeves and 33 impact rings
  • No mechanical damage of the bearing
  • Also suitable for the mounting of sleeves, sealing rings, pulleys and so forth


Bearing Maintenance Kit MK 10-30 /

Motorcycle Maintenance Kit MK 10-30


Tool case consisting of 50 parts with mounting and dismounting tools for small bearings with bores from 10 to 30 mm. Suitable for specific applications such as motorcycles. 

The tool case contains:

  • Mounting tools consisting of 2 impact sleeves, 24 impact rings and a blow-back proof hammer with nylon impact surfaces and a rubber handle
  • Dismounting tools with 5 puller arm sets, 2 threaded spindles and a slide hammer


Seal Puller SP 50


Novel tool for the dismounting of oil seals and sealings of all sizes.

  • Slide hammer with 2 extensions
  • 50 one-way screws

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