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Affolter AF101


High-Productivity Gear Hobbing Machine

♦ CNC Axis 12
♦ Max. Module 0.8 mm
♦ Max. Cutting Length 50 mm
♦ Max Part Diameter 36 mm

The Affolter Gear AF101 is an advanced Gear Hobbing Center that offers total automation The AF101 is designed on the base of the AF100 with a larger enclosure and protective guarding, which allows a high degree of automation with robot and additional operations such as the palletized part feed and management system, and integrated parts cleaning and/or measurement of the blank and finished cut parts.  

High Productivity and Versatility


 High productivity gain thanks to a decrease of idle time and very fast cutting speed : 

♦Max. Speed Cutting Spindle: 16'000 rpm
♦Automatic Angle of Inclination: +/-30° 

Simple and User Friendly


 Equipped with the Affolter Leste CNC-control, it provides powerful processing and warranty, reduces cycle times and extremely fast interpolation. Its programming is simple and easy.

♦CNC Affolter type Leste 12
♦HMI, Touchscreen 12.1" 

Automation: Part Loading and Unloading


♦Loading and unloading of blanks and finish cut parts by 6 axes robot.
♦Palletized feed system.
♦Vibratory bowl feeding system.
♦Adjustable gravity feed rail unit.
♦Belt conveyor with parts detection by vision.
♦Additional systems are available and will be considered upon customer request.