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Affolter AF110plus


Powerful Gear Hobbing Center

♦ CNC Axis 7
♦ Max. Module 1.5 mm
♦ Max. Cutting Length 90 mm
♦ Max Part Diameter 60 mm

AF110plus is the most powerful Gear Hobbing Center of the GEAR line with improved performances and additional options.  

High Productivity


High productivity gain thanks to a decrease of idle time and very fast cutting speed : 

♦Max. Speed Cutting Spindle: 12'000 rpm
♦Automatic Angle of Inclination: +30°/-45° 

Simple and User Friendly


Equipped with the Affolter Leste CNC-control, it provides powerful processing and warranty, reduces cycle times and extremely fast interpolation. Its programming is simple and easy.

♦CNC Affolter type Leste 12
♦HMI, Touchscreen 12.1" 



With an automatic loader system, GEAR AF110plus is more productive and faster : 

♦Semi-automatic loader AF10 or AF12
♦Versatile loader system AF45 or AF70