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Affolter AF100plus

Affolter AF100plus gear hobbing cnc machine

High-Productivity Gear Hobbing Machine

♦ CNC Axis 12
♦ Max. Module 0.8 mm
♦ Max. Cutting Length 50 mm
♦ Max Part Diameter 36 mm

The Affolter Gear AF100plus is a CNC Gear Hobbing Center with 12 axes control. The AF100 is equipped with our advanced current technology Leste 12 axes CNC control and is designed to hob spur and helical pinions, splines, straight bevel gears, and crown face gear wheels by either generative or single index cutting methods.  

High Productivity and Versatility


High productivity gain thanks to a decrease of idle time and very
fast cutting speed : 

♦Max. Speed Cutting Spindle: 16'000 rpm
♦Automatic Angle of Inclination: +/-30°

Simple and User Friendly


Equipped with the Affolter Leste CNC-control, it provides powerful processing and warranty, reduces cycle times and extremely fast interpolation. Its programming is simple and easy.

♦CNC Affolter type Leste 12
♦HMI, Touchscreen 12.1" 



With an automatic loader system, GEAR AF100plus is more productive and faster : 

♦Semi-automatic loader AF10 or AF12
♦Drum loader AF20
♦Versatile loader system AF45 or AF70