Gressel - Precision vises



Clamping with control 

Modular machine vice as clamping system, using clamping by tension. Unique, patented actuation with rapid lever, mechanical amplification and minimum set-up times.  

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Clamping system for optimized 5-axis machining 

Force amplification of the clamping system for «real» 5-axis complete and simultaneous machining. 1st + 2nd side machining with clamping by tension and 40 kN directly on the workpiece.  

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Small, light and flexible clamping system

Single clamping system for small workpieces, mechanical, complete encapsulated and with modular interchangeable jaws. Ideally suitable for small workpieces, multiple clamping and automation on pallet storage units.  

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High accuracy, low tool body and 160° quick clamping

S2 single vice in mechanical variant with high accuracy and clamping force as well as extremely slim design. Simplest handling with 160° lever quick clamping device, clamping range quick adjustment and simple clamping thanks to a clamping principle that applies tension. 

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Quick, precise and economic 

Flat mechanical zero point clamping system with one solid locating bolt. There are two mechanical clamping versions, single round module or double rectangular module.  

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Centric C1 + C2


Quick jaw change, fully encapsulated, precise 

Centric vices in mechanical version with 100% encapsulation and quick jaw change. Ideally suited for machining blanks and finished products, multiple clamping and automation of pallet storage.  

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