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Gressel Centric Vises


C1 Centric vice

Quick jaw change, fully encapsulated, precise

Centric vice C1 in mechanical version with 100% encapsulation and quick jaw change. Ideally suited for machining blanks and finished products, multiple clamping and automation of pallet storage. 


Quick jaw change


- jaw change in a few seconds 

- easy handling 

- different jaws 


Fully encapsulated + precise


- completely encapsulated system 

- economic version for blank camping with reversible jaw grip 

- precise version for clamping finished parts with jaws which are ground in clamped position


Clamping system for automation


- can be directly integrated into pallets - ideal for use in the GRESSEL workpiece storage 

- centric multiple clamping on base plates or tombstones 

- low cost solution for pallet storage

- adaptable for various supplementary zero-point clamping systems


C2 Centric Vise

High precision and process reliability 

Centric vice C2 in mechanical version with high precision and clamping force. Closed system with optimised chip ejection for high process reliability.  


High precision


- pre-clamped centre bearing without play (ball bearing)

- high repeat accuracy ± 0.01 (80+125) / ± 0.015 (160)

- high precision due to precision-fitted carriages


Completely encapsulated system


- spindle is protected in closed system 

- guaranteed chip ejection

- high clamping force of 25 kN (80) / 35 kN (125) / 50 kN (160) 


Ideal for automation


- low cost solution for pallet storage / automation 

- machining first and second operations in one clamping system


Brochure C1 Centric Vise (pdf)


Brochure C2 Centric Vise (pdf)