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Gressel Gripos

Compact vise for every machining center. Vise has a mechanical intensifier with infinite force adjustment-nut and works with a tension drawbar. The clamping is activated by a 180 lever stroke. High precision and repeatability. Quick loading and unloading. Many 5-axis jaw options. 


160° rapid clamping


- clamping time under 1 second

- no turning of the lever required

- safety locked

- no additional angle drive required

- no interference contour – central positioning possible


Clamping by tension


- no deflection of the base plate

- ideal for zero point clamping systems, clamping pins directly in base plate

- high machining accuracy

- no rotation of the outer spindle

- clamping force gradually adjustable


Easy to handle


- quick positioning of the clamping system on the machine table

- attachment through the base plate

- few components

- cleaning and removal in a few seconds

- modular and flexible


Gripos Brochure (pdf)