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Gressel Gredoc

Quick, precise and economic 

Flat mechanical zero point clamping system with one solid locating bolt. There are two mechanical clamping versions, single round module or double rectangular module. 


Quick, precise and economic


- easy and quick conversion

- no tilting

- repeatability < 0.01 mm

- down force 20 kN

- height 30 mm +/- 0.005

- low-maintenance system


Solid locating bolt


- locating bolt Ø40h6/Ø25h6

- 1 locating bolt

- locating bolt can be installed from the top or bottom

- locating bolt hole compatible with the leading zero point clamping systems


Flat zero point clamping system


- height only 30 mm

- hardened and ground

- wear resistant

- resistant to chips and coolant

- good accessibility for easy cleaning and high resistant to tilting

- suitable for grid holes 50 mm


Brochure Gredoc (pdf)