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Gressel S2 - Single vise


High accuracy, low tool body and 160° quick clamping

Gressel S2 single vice in mechanical variant with high accuracy and clamping force as well as extremely slim design. Simplest handling with 160° lever quick clamping device, clamping range quick adjustment and simple clamping thanks to a clamping principle that applies tension.   


160° quick clamping

- clamping in under 1 second

- no cranking required

- no additional angle drive required

- no interference outline - centred clamping possible


Extremely slim design

- only requires a small design space within the machine, thus more space for workpieces

- lower overall weight for pallets


High accuracy


- clamping with tension, i.e. tool body does not deflect

- ideal for zero point clamping system, mounting pins can be mounted directly in the tool body


Brochure S2 Single Vise (pdf)