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Gressel Solinos

Compact direct or hydraulic activated spanner for small workpieces. The modular design is fully sealed and offers many set-up options - Tombstone, Palleting etc. 

Modular clamping system


- mechanical or hydraulic version

- versatile range of jaws

- easy to handle

- clamping range adjustment without removal of the jaws

Compact and precise


- compact design

- very long guide for the moveable jaw

- only minimum lifting of the jaws

- suitable for raw and finished workpieces

- clamping force up to 40 kN

Ideal as multiple vice


- quick set-up and loading times

- hydraulic multiple clamping on base plates

- hydraulic connection at the side and bottom

- hydraulic power stroke of 5 mm


Brochure Solinos 40 (pdf)


Brochure Solinos 65 (pdf)


Brochure Solinos 100 (pdf)