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Gressel Grepos

Raised "true" 5-axis power vise. Vise has a mechanical intensifier with infinite force adjustment-nut and works with a tension draw-bar. The sturdy and fully sealed clamping system is precise and offers high repetition accuracy. The modular design offers many clamping options. 


Lever quick clamping


- clamping < 1 second

- mechanical force amplifier

- simple and quick clamping force setting

- 5 – 40 kN directly on the workpiece

- clamping without torque key

- mechanically locked clamping mechanism, resistent to vibration


Clamping by tension


- no deflection of the tool body

- closed force system

- ideal for zero point systems, clamping pins fitted directly into the tool body


Completely encapsulated and quick adjustment of clamping range


- no chip nests

- fully sealed and encapsulated

- optimum discharge of the coolant

- easy adjustment using a lever

- one rotation of the lever for quick adjustment.


Brochure Grepos (pdf)